About Us
Price Stability
We believe our prices to be the most competitive in the area and we
offer 12 month price stability on each unit. Rent is pro rata upon
move-in and move-out (with two weeks notice).

Due Dates & Fees
Rents are due on the first of each month. Late charges are not
imposed until the tenth of each month. We bill monthly and accept
credit cards. Most of our customers enjoy autopay, which
automatically debits their credit card. This service is available at no
extra charge.

Access is 24hrs/day 7 days/week. We are *always* accessible. A
customer-specific key code is required for entry. Our gate system
software can provide historical access data.

RV and Vehicle Storage
As an additional free service, we provide a washing area and
washing equipment for recreational vehicles.  We have storage
available both covered and uncovered to accommodate up to 40ft
lengths. To includes boats, cars, and RVs. For pricing info, contact
sales@asrstorage.com or call: